Perforated Stainless Steel Belt

Ø  Features and benefits:

  •  No elongation → Highly precise positioning in transportation
  •  Excellent electrical conductivity → No static electricity
  •  Easy fixing of attachments → Securely placed goods for processing
  •  Excellent smoothness → No vibration
  •  Perforations → Vacuum, suction, timing, positioning, ventilation

Ø   Material: 

          High tensile stainless steel 

Ø  Applications:

  • Suctioned transportation
  • Positioning equipment with high speed and intermittent conveying
  • Assembly and inspection of electronic parts and devices
  • Inspection of shape and size with CCD laser


Ø  Producible range:

  • Width:  5mm~350mm
  • Depth0.05mm~0.4mm
  • Length:above 130mm
total : 0