Laser Spray Coating and Repairing System


A.          Laser cladding system

1.          Laser power: 2-6kW depending customer’s budget

2.          Chiller included

3.          Powder feeder included

4.          CCD for processing monitoring included

5.          cladding processing head

                            i.                Coaxial nozzle

                          ii.                4-way off-axial nozzle

B.          Robot

1.          Payload > 45kG

2.          Reach > 2.0m

3.          Mounted on the track motion platform (5 meter moving distance)

C.          2-axis robot positioner

1.          Handling capacity: 500KG

2.          Maximum working envelope: 1450mm (diameter)

D.         1-axis rotary table for roller

1.          Loading: 5000kG

2.          Effective length: 5000mm

3.          Maximum roller diameter: 1600mm



A.                  Repairing

B.                  Surface modification

C.                  Hardfacing

total : 0


A.          Integration with robot

1.          Full 3D cladding capability

B.          Two different rotary systems

1.          Suitable for roller up to 5 tons and 5 meters

2.          Suitable for parts up to 500KG

C.          Different laser spots and nozzles

1.          Wider spot for fast coating

2.          Smaller spot for fine repairing

3.          Easy to change the nozzles


A.          Low Heat Input Process

1.            Greatly Reduced Thermal Distortion

2.            Small Heat Affected Zone

3.            Very Low Dilution

4.            Thinner Clad Layers

5.            High Solidification Rate  

6.            Ability to Clad Traditionally Un-weldable Materials  

B.          Full Metallurgical Bond

1.            No Flaking, Chipping, Cracking or Peeling

2.            Little or No Voids or Porosity

C.          Superior Process Control

1.            Better Layer Thickness Control and Surface Finish

2.            Unlimited Clad Thickness

3.            High Repeatability and Process Stability

D.          High Deposition Rates

E.         Greatly Extended Part Lifetimes